Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day 6: Let's prepare slides for the oral project presentation

It's time for summarizing. Today you'll sit in groups together and you should start designing some slides for the oral presentation. Your presentation must contain:
  • Length and distance issues
  • Metric system length units. 
  • Conversion within the metric system.
  • Imperial system vs. metric system.
  • Vocabulary
  • Your opinion about the project
Next day you'll present your slides to the class. To evaluate the oral presentation, we'll use the following rubrics.


  1. Today, Mireia told us the project that we need to present.
    This Project is talking about all that we have done in this two months.
    We are sitting all together right now to prepare the slides in five groups.
    By Judit Salas Auguet and Joan De Genover

  2. Today we made the presentation with computers all the time.