Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Days 7 & 8: Let's summarize! Prepare your Tangram project presentation

Now it's time for summarizing. Take all what we have done and try to make a slide presentation using Impress or Prezi. You should gather in groups of 3 or 4 people. Next day you'll have to present it to all your class mates.

Items to be considered in the presentation

  1. The tangram
    • Origin of the game
    • Pieces of the tangram:
      • Shapes and their names
      • Sizes of the pieces
      • Areas of the pieces
  2. Nice tangram constructions with their names
  3. The Tangram cousin: the Stomachion
    • Origin
    • Pieces
    • Constructions with this Tangram
  4. What's your opinion about this project? Did you like it? Why?
  5. Vocabulary and expressions of the project

Your oral presentation will be evaluated according to the following rubrics.

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